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Quijano, Pinkin, Karabinchak & Holley Bill Promoting Increased Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in NJ Passes Committee

In an effort to improve the convenience of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), including electric and hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars, Assembly Democrats have sponsored legislation that would require New Jersey municipalities to consider the inclusion of fueling and charging infrastructure in their redevelopment projects.

Upon the Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee advancing the bill (A-1653), sponsors Annette Quijano (D-Union), Nancy Pinkin (D-Middlesex), Robert Karabinchak (D-Middlesex) and Jamel Holley (D-Union) released the following joint statement:

“More people are using zero-emission vehicles now than ever before. This is due in part to the hundreds of dollars ZEV drivers save each year on gas. These vehicles are also better for our planet than gasoline cars because they don’t create byproducts that can harm the environment.

“The Assembly passed quite a few bills last session to encourage the purchase of ZEVs, and we must continue our efforts of finding ways to make these cars more convenient for both current and prospective owners.

“This legislation will encourage municipalities to incorporate charging and refueling stations in their redevelopment plans to increase the number of stations throughout our state. The more places our residents can go to recharge or refuel their ZEV, the more practical and appealing these vehicles will be.”