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Assemblywoman Pushes to Ensure Identity of Residents is Secure in Light of Negligent Practices When Selling Used State Computers

Assembly Homeland Security Committee Chair and Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee Vice Chair Annette Quijano (D-Union) today reached out to the State Attorney General and Treasurer to ensure that the necessary steps are being taken to protect current and future residents from identity theft due to the negligent practices recently uncovered by the Comptroller’s Office when it comes to reselling old state-owned computers.

While commending the Comptroller’s Office for the recent work done to expose this negligence, Quijano noted that more needs to be done to ensure that the identity of residents is secure.

In a letter sent to the AG and Treasurer today, Quijano asked for details on what steps are being taken to:

– retrieve hard drives that have been sold by the state without being wiped clean; and

– help those who may have become victims of identity theft as a direct result of this problem.

“As Vice Chair of the Assembly Regulatory Oversight, and Gaming Committee, incidents such as these are of key interest to me. The fact that nearly 80% of auctioned computers contained sensitive personal information is staggering,” Quijano noted in her letter.