Quijano to take Assembly Committee on the Road for Special Hearing to Celebrate Elizabeth’s 350th Anniversary

Assembly Homeland Security Committee Chair Annette Quijano on Friday announced that she will be taking her committee on the road next week for a special meeting to commemorate the City of Elizabeth’s historic 350th anniversary.

The rare meeting outside of the Statehouse will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 10, at 2 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Elizabeth City Hall, 50 Winfield Scott Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ.

As part of the celebration, Quijano will present a joint resolution on behalf of the Senate and the General Assembly honoring Elizabeth’s anniversary.

“This is a historic time for both our city and our state as we celebrate 350 years with a unique place in our country’s history,” said Quijano (D-Union). “Since its days as the first capital of New Jersey, Elizabeth has continued to play an important role in our military, economic and cultural history and I’m looking forward to commemorating that with the people of this great city when we take our committee on the road next week.”

Also on the agenda, the committee will recognize September as Emergency Preparedness Month, a priority for Quijano who launched an emergency preparedness awareness campaign two years ago and continually hosts workshops and community outreach on the subject. In doing so, Quijano frequently urges residents to take the following steps: 1. Get a kit 2. Make a plan 3. Be informed.

“New Jersey is no stranger to emergencies, whether it’s manmade or natural disasters. The upcoming two-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy is a potent reminder of why we can never be too prepared,” added Quijano.

The committee will also hear a slate of bills related to homeland security and emergency preparedness as part of regular business.