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Raising Judicial Retirement Age, Improved Wildlife Control for Farmers, Discussion on Port Authority Reform & Enhanced Veterans’ Services Top Monday Assembly Committee Meetings

Protections for Law Enforcement Animals, Crime-Fraud
Exception to Marital Privilege, Engineering & Computer Science Curriculum Improvements & Generators for Multiple Dwelling Units Also Among Bills on Tap

(TRENTON) – Bills to raise the judicial retirement age from 70 to 75, a package to help farmers manage wildlife and protect their crops, a discussion on several proposed Port Authority of New York and New Jersey reforms and enhanced services for veterans highlight Monday’s Assembly committee meetings.
Protections for law enforcement animals, adding a crime-fraud exception to the marital privilege, improving engineering and computer science curriculum and requiring generators for multiple dwelling units are also among the bills on tap.
The committees are scheduled to start at 10 a.m. and will be streamed live at:
Highlights include:
· A3706 (McKeon) – Increases statutory mandatory retirement age for Superior Court Judges and Tax Court Judges from 70 to 75; A3705 (McKeon) – Increases statutory mandatory retirement age for Administrative Law Judges, Workers’ Compensation Judges and county prosecutors from 70 to 75; and ACR186 (McKeon) – Proposes constitutional amendment to increase mandatory retirement age for judges from 70 to 75. 10 a.m. Judiciary.
· The Assembly transportation committee will discuss several bills to reform the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, including A641 (Moriarty/Vainieri Huttle/Garcia/Wisniewski) – Imposes restrictions concerning Port Authority of New York and New Jersey commissioners, officers, and employees regarding employment, gifts, and compensation; A1707 (Wisniewski/Vainieri Huttle/Mainor) – Requires Legislative approval of Port Authority of New York and New Jersey minutes; A2754 (Wisniewski/Lagana) – Grants subpoena power to Office of Inspector General at Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in furtherance of investigations; A3289 (Eustace/Lagana) – Requires PANYNJ to report monthly to counties within port district; and A3350 (Vainieri Huttle) – Requires PANYNJ be subject to NY Freedom of Information Law and NJ open public records act.
· A2733 (DeAngelo/Eustace) – Permits local unit to contract with private entities to lease advertising space on local unit’s official Internet website. 2 p.m. State and Local Government.
· A3118 (Mazzeo) – Requires establishment and implementation in certain circumstances of model wildlife management plans for open space and farmland; A3120 (Andrzejczak) – Requires Fish and Game Council to establish summer bow and arrow hunting season; and A3121 (Andrzejczak/Wilson) – Authorizes issuance of multi-species depredation permit for wildlife control on farmland. 2 p.m. Agriculture and Natural Resources.
· A991 (Andrzejczak/Benson) – Establishes mandatory minimum term of imprisonment for harming or threatening to harm animal owned or used by a law enforcement agency or a search and rescue dog. 2 p.m. Agriculture and Natural Resources.
· A2389 (Singleton/Conaway) – Prohibits animal cruelty violators from owning domestic companion animals and from working at animal-related enterprises; designated as “Moose’s Law.” 2 p.m. Agriculture and Natural Resources.
· A3587 (Lagana) – Provides that retired justices and judges collecting pension or retirement allowance are eligible for recall duties until 85 years of age. 10 a.m. Judiciary.
· A-3636 (McKeon) – Establishes crime-fraud exception to marital and civil union partnership privilege. 10 a.m. Judiciary.
· A3124 (Burzichelli/Riley) – Exempts certain temporary farm structures from permit and transition area requirements of “Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act.” 2 p.m. Agriculture and Natural Resources.
· A3306 (Giblin/Mukherji) – Establishes additional requirements, and penalties for failure to comply, concerning information to be provided to persons purchasing cats or dogs from pet shops or pet dealers. 2 p.m. Agriculture and Natural Resources.
· A3452 (Mazzeo) – Regulates planting and sale of running bamboo; establishes disclosure requirement for real estate licensees. 2 p.m. Agriculture and Natural Resources.
· A1468 (Diegnan) – Establishes Task Force on Engineering Curriculum and Instruction. 10 a.m. Education.
· A3147 (Singleton/Jasey) – Prohibits cloud computing service providers from disclosing data collected from public, private, or charter school. 10 a.m. Education.
· A3440 (Riley/Diegnan/Fuentes) – Requires State Board of Education to develop rigorous computer science curriculum guidelines and school districts to incorporate those guidelines in grades six through 12. 10 a.m. Education.
· A3175 (Riley/DeAngelo) – Requires DCA to post on its Internet website inspection reports for residential health care facilities, boarding homes, and emergency shelters for the homeless. 1 p.m. Human Services.
· A1056 (Schaer) – Increases personal needs allowance to $50 for recipients of Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income who are veterans or spouses of veterans and provides for annual cost-of-living increase in allowance. 10 a.m. Military and Veterans’ Affairs.
· A2276 (DeAngelo) – Waives parking meter fee for certain veterans; and A2276 (DeAngelo/Quijano) – Exempts disabled veterans and recipients of the Purple Heart from the payment of municipal parking meter fees when their vehicles bear a disabled veteran’s or Purple Heart license plate issued by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. 10 a.m. Military and Veterans’ Affairs.
· A2935 (Andrzejczak/Lagana) – Authorizes property tax deferment for deployed military personnel. 10 a.m. Military and Veterans’ Affairs.
· A2579 (Mukherji/Pintor Marin/Eustace) – Authorizes municipalities to finance water conservation, storm shelter construction, and flood and hurricane resistance projects. 2 p.m. Environment and Solid Waste.
· A1489 (DeAngelo) – Provides general election, primary, and school election sample ballots may be sent to registered voter by electronic mail if so requested. 10 a.m. Judiciary.