(HUDSON COUNTY) — Assembly Democrats Joan Quigley, Caridad Rodriguez, Vincent Prieto, Ruben Ramos, Anthony Chiappone and Charles Mainor on Tuesday announced they will hold a special public hearing next month to hear directly from Hudson County residents on ways to cut taxes, maintain services and improve the quality of life in New Jersey.

The hearing is slated from 5 to 8 p.m., Wednesday, March 10 in the freeholder’s chamber at 567 Pavonia Avenue in Jersey City.

Residents and public officials are invited to talk for three minutes each about ideas they have for reducing taxes, maintaining services and improving the quality of life in New Jersey.

Quigley participated in the Feb. 2 Assembly Bipartisan Leadership Committee public hearing in Trenton, where about 150 showed up to talk about their ideas. Because of the number of participants, the committee that day divided into three panels to ensure all attendees could be heard. Their comments were also recorded. If the crowd is large in Hudson County, a similar process will be followed.

“The Trenton meeting left everyone with a really good feeling,” Quigley said. “That is why I asked my Hudson County colleagues if they would like to try something similar closer to home. They enthusiastically agreed and the freeholders made their chamber available.”

People don’t need to register in advance but will be asked to sign in at the door. Speakers will be heard in the order in which they arrive. Anyone who wishes to bring written remarks or documentation is requested to bring at least eight copies.

“Together the six of us represent three-quarters of a million people and many of them have great ideas for improvement,” Quigley said. “Others may have only strong opinions about what is wrong. We’ll listen to each of them, but we hope speakers will focus on solutions not just problems.”

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