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Reynolds-Jackson: Judges Silva and Troiano Must Go

Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson concerned by the actions of two Superior Court judges toward young victims of alleged sexual assault crimes in two separate cases calls for their resignation or removal from the court system:

“Judges Silva and Troiano must go. Their moral stances exhibited in their comments toward parties in both cases are absolutely unacceptable and unfitting for any officer of the court to make.

 “For Judge Silva to even utter that a child of 12 who was sexually assaulted did not suffer ‘especially serious harm’ and the act was not ‘especially heinous or cruel’ is horrendous.  These comments made by someone whose profession it is to represent justice and fairness in the state only add to a victim’s pain and suffering. It’s victim-shaming and unproductive in a survivor’s quest for justice.

“Judge Troiano chose to commend an accused rapist for his grades instead of reprimanding him. The fact that he comes from a good family and may be college bound does not diminish the serious accusation of rape against him. 

“We cannot allow this type of insensitive, self-righteous behavior from members of New Jersey’s judicial system. Corrective action must be taken immediately to ensure this never happens again to anyone.”