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Riley Announces On-Campus Hearings on 20-Bill Higher Education Reform Package

(3rd LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Assembly Higher Education Chairwoman Celeste Riley on Wednesday announced the committee will take to the road in the coming weeks to take testimony on the comprehensive package of bills she’s introduced to address the systemic factors pushing more and more New Jersey students into the real world saddled with debt and without a college degree.
Riley (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland) introduced the bills with Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-Union). The 20 bills address college readiness, completion, cost, data collection, accountability and pathways to success.
“This all-encompassing proposal deserves public debate,” said Riley (D-Cumberland/Gloucester/Salem). “These are our ideas, but as I’ve said, nothing that we’ve put forth is written in stone. We’re open to ideas from anyone as long as it reduces costs and enhances achievement. While visiting colleges during my legislative tenure we were able to hear what’s working and what’s not at many of our schools, but we want as much input as possible. This is a chance for us to do the right thing for every school and student.”
The hearings will be held:
· May 14 at The College of New Jersey.
· May 28 at Rowan University.
· June 11 aHudson County Community College.
“As a legislative body, we have the ability to improve New Jersey’s approach to higher education to make it a reality, once again, for any student who wants it,” Riley said. “I look forward to hearing as many opinions and ideas as possible.”
A copy of each bill is available here: