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Riley & Singleton Bill to Improve Casino Hotel Facility Security Advanced by Assembly Committee

(TRENTON) – Legislation Assembly Democrats Celeste Riley and Troy Singleton sponsored to requires casinos to install and maintain security cameras in every stairwell throughout casino hotel facility was advanced Thursday by an Assembly committee.
“The purpose of this bill is to enhance the safety of visitors and employees at casino hotel facilities in Atlantic City, increase public confidence in the security of those facilities and protect property,” said Riley (D-Gloucester/Cumberland/Salem). “When people feel safe, they’ll of course want to visit more, and that will serve to boost South Jersey’s economy.”
“This is a common sense measure in this day and age of technology,” said Singleton (D-Burlington). “This is a cost-efficient and standard way to improve safety and build confidence that our casino hotel facilities are great places to visit.”
The bill requires the holder of a casino license to install and maintain in every stairwell in a casino hotel facility, including any parking facility, a system of security cameras that provide the licensee’s security personnel with clear and continuous visual monitoring and recording of all activity throughout the stairwell at all times.
Recorded material must include the date and time of its recording and must be preserved for at least one year.
The bill also directs the Division of Gaming Enforcement to develop specifications for security camera systems, ensure compliance with the bill’s provisions and adopt necessary regulations. The bill will take effect 90 days after enactment, but the division may take any necessary administrative action in advance.
The bill was advanced by the Assembly Tourism and Gaming Committee.