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Schaer: Call NJ Transit Fare Hike What It Is, A Tax on NJ’s Working Families

(TRENTON) – Assembly Budget Committee Chair Gary Schaer (D-Bergen/Passaic) today denounced the decision by NJ Transit to increase fares and reduce service as a means to bridge a budget gap, which he said will hurt working people in New Jersey who rely on public transportation:

“Once again, the working people of New Jersey fall victim to the governor’s transit policies and fiscal gimmicks.
Confronting delays and equipment failures on a routine basis, now riders will have to pay more for the inconvenience. This hurts those who rely on NJ Transit, especially low wage earners who will be disproportionally affected.
Asking people to pay more for not just reduced, but subpar service is unacceptable. The governor’s continued silence on the depleted Transportation Trust Fund compromises the economic rejuvenation of the state. With less financial support from the state, NJ Transit has become more dependent on fares to cover costs and here is the result.
The governor can talk all he wants about no new taxes, but with this fare hike, his administration has effectively levied a tax against the people of New Jersey.”