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Schaer Calls on Elmwood Park School Board Member to Immediately Resign Over Inflammatory, Racist Remarks

As the first and only Orthodox Jewish member of the state legislature, Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-Bergen/Passaic) on Monday took particular umbrage with inflammatory, racist rhetoric posted online by Elmwood Park School Board Trustee Gladys Gryskiewicz and joined a growing chorus of voices calling on her to resign.

“The comments that have repeatedly surfaced online by Ms. Gryskiewicz are wildly inappropriate and complete unbefitting of a member of a public school board or any elected or appointed office holder, for that matter.

“As someone charged with representing the needs of every child in the school system, it is disconcerting to hear her singling out an entire group as unwelcome in this country.

“Children learn what they live. The last thing this country and state can afford is for a young, impressionable child to hear these unacceptable expressions and feel inadequate or unaccepted in the eyes of their school leaders. Our public education system must serve the needs of every child, indiscriminate of race, religion or creed.

“The right thing, and the only thing, for Ms. Gryskiewicz to do is resign immediately.”