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Schaer: N.J. Needs an Executive Branch Paying Attention to Our Economy Each And Every Day

(TRENTON) – Assembly Budget Chairman Gary Schaer (D-Passaic/Bergen) released the following statement on Monday after the Assembly Budget Committee held a hearing on the status of New Jersey’s economy:

“I’d like to thank Dr. Hughes and the Office of Legislative Services for their insightful and expert testimony today on the status of the New Jersey economy. It was unfortunate the state treasurer was not able to accept our invitation to attend this important discussion, but hopefully he finds time to publicly discuss this subject soon, especially since another annual budget shortfall seems possible.
“New Jersey’s inability to keep pace with the national economic recovery is deeply troubling. We need a state government that’s fully and completely focused on reinvigorating our economy and understanding the problems. The time for catchphrases is long past. It’s time for a more realistic view and an executive branch that’s paying attention to our economy each and every day.
“We need to find a way to keep millennials and others in the state and employed, and we need to adjust to the changes in the global economy for the benefit of all workers. That means attracting and keeping jobs, but it also means affordable housing near public transportation, job training opportunities and sensible economic development efforts. The administration has no coherent policy to accomplish those goals.
“New Jersey’s recovery has been slow and uneven, leaving many people behind. The status quo cannot continue. It’s time for a comprehensive and coordinated effort that includes a fully involved executive branch.”