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Schaer Urges Christie Administration to Stop Deferring & Address Flawed Education Funding Formula

(TRENTON) – Assembly Budget Committee Chair Gary Schaer (D-Bergen/Passaic) issued the following statement on Wednesday following a discussion with Department of Education Commissioner David C. Hespe about the need to address the broken education funding formula:

“Throughout our Assembly budget hearings, one theme has remained constant – the administration’s newfound deference to the legislative branch and its unwillingness to face the challenges of the state head on. This time it is the education funding formula.

“Due to years of under-funding by the Christie Administration, the school funding formula is broken, resulting in a funding distribution that does not adequately meet the changing needs of our almost 600 districts and students.

“The administration acknowledges the formula is outdated, but once again, puts the responsibility at the feet of the legislature without offering a plan to stop the disparity.

“Repairing the funding formula is an important issue and deserves time, focus and dedication.

“I am certain my colleagues are more than willing to assist, but the governor must do his job and lead.

“I urge the administration to do what’s right for New Jersey’s children and find a solution.”