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Singleton Calls on Trump to Rescind Bannon Appointment for Greater Good of the Country

Assemblyman Troy Singleton on Tuesday called on President-elect Donald Trump to immediately rescind any potential appointment of Steve Bannon to a position in his administration for the greater good of the country.

“Our country has been torn apart by this election. Given Steve Bannon’s long, documented history of misogynistic, homophobic and racist views, moving forward with this appointment sends a clear message that a campaign based on derision and division intends to govern in the same manner.

“Steve Bannon has profited professionally from fomenting hate and discrimination, a strategy that is inherently contrary to the spirit of cooperation required from the entire electorate to give the Trump administration a chance to bring our country together. After the unprecedented divisiveness of this election, the last thing we need is a professional bigot injecting this strategy into the highest office in our land.

“If Donald Trump wants to make good on his election night promise to be ‘President for all Americans,’ the first step would be to strip Steve Bannon of any position where he stands to be rewarded with taxpayer dollars for his hateful and divisive messages,” said Singleton (D-Burlington).