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Singleton Hails State Funding to Help Burlington City Undertake Much-Needed Repairs at Capt. James Lawrence Elementary School

(TRENTON) – Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-Burlington) on Monday welcomed the awarding of state funds to help provide much-needed roofing repairs to Captain James Lawrence Elementary School in Burlington City.

“This is welcome news, particularly when districts everywhere are struggling to stay within the new two percent property tax cap while trying to provide the safest learning environment possible for students.

“Given the difficult fiscal times we’re in, this program will provide a vital life line to help Burlington City undertake critical repairs without further burdening local property taxpayers.

“Ultimately, these funds will go a long way towards providing a safer, more efficient, learning environment for all of the students at Captain James Lawrence Elementary School,” said Singleton.

The New Jersey Schools Development Authority announced that the Burlington elementary school is one of 68 schools throughout the state that will receive funding under the Emergent Project Program, which provides state assistance for repair and rehabilitation work at existing school buildings.