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Singleton Introduces Legislative Package to Reignite New Jersey’s Manufacturing Industry

Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D- Burlington) introduced a comprehensive legislative package Thursday to create jobs and accelerate the state’s economic recovery by reigniting New Jersey’s manufacturing industry.

“The manufacturing industry has always been the embodiment of the American ideal that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can provide for your family today and for their brighter future tomorrow,” said Singleton. “Workers in manufacturing jobs earn 22 percent more in annual pay and benefits than the average worker in other industries, which translates into $40,000 more than other non-farm employees in New Jersey. We need to refocus our attention on the fact that the manufacturing industry has enormous potential to.”

Singleton also noted that every new manufacturing job created would add another 1.6 jobs to the local service economy, and for every dollar in manufacturing sales, another $1.34 is added to the economy. Additionally, 42 percent of jobs in manufacturing will require some post-secondary education or degree by 2018, according to findings from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

“In this vein, investments in manufacturing have a stronger impact than investments in any other economic sector on growing our state’s economy. We need a workforce ready and able to accept these positions,” added Singleton. “By developing jobs in this area, we will be able to narrow the growing income inequality gap that has plagued our state and nation over the last thirty years.”

Singleton’s 10-bill package includes:
1. A3019 – Requires the State Employment and Training Commission to prepare an annual report on the State workforce;

2. A3020 – Requires the Secretary of Higher Education, in consultation with various entities, to design a manufacturing career pathway to provide students with skills necessary to gain employment in the manufacturing sector;

3. A3021 – Directs the Secretary of Higher Education to establish a pilot program to assist certain unemployed and underemployed individuals in completing a career and technical education certificate program in 12 months;

4. A3022 – Establishes “The Higher Education Manufacturing Grant Program” for public institutions of higher education to establish or expand programs in manufacturing fields;

5. A3023 – Clarifies that only products assembled in the United States meet the “Buy-American” standards of public contracts laws;

6. A3024 – Establishes a manufacturing reinvestment account program to incentivize capital investment and workforce training in New Jersey with income tax rate reductions, deferrals, and accelerated deductions;

7. A3025 – Provides either a corporation business tax or gross income tax credits for insourcing business to New Jersey;

8. A3026 – Creates the New Jersey Advanced Manufacturing Council;

9. A3027 – Creates a pilot program to fund adult education programs for residents of certain communities; and

10. A3028 – Establishes manufacturing machine and metal trade apprenticeships tax credit program.

“The proposals and ideas that I am advancing are not steeped in any one party’s political ideology or philosophy,” said Singleton. “Democrats, Republicans and Independents all recognize the enormous power and potential in American ingenuity born out of our nation’s legacy of manufacturing innovation. New Jersey can be at the forefront of this manufacturing renaissance by adopting an approach that builds upon that American spirit.”