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Singleton Measure Approved by Assembly Would Make Vital State Permit Information Just a Mouse Click Away

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Troy Singleton to create an online portal to make it easier for applicants to track the status of state-issued permits was approved 49-28 by the General Assembly on Thursday.

“This is another example of moving government into the 21st century to help businesses and consumers navigate often complex regulatory requirements,” said Singleton (D-Burlington). “This would put access to vital information at a person’s fingertips, not simply during business hours, but whenever it’s convenient for them and without the hassle of trying to get a live body on the phone.”

The bill (A-2223) would require the state to develop and manage a system by which an applicant for a permit issued by a state agency may track the progress and status of the application via electronic means.

The bill would also require the system to operate in a manner that allows only the applicant to be able to access the progress and the status of the applicant’s permit application, while allowing the appropriate state agency to have access to the system in order to provide updated information on the progress and status of the permit application.

Under the bill, the Secretary of State, or another employee designated by the Governor, would be responsible for developing and managing the system.

The measure now awaits consideration by the Senate. The program would become operable 180 days following enactment of the law.