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Singleton: Safety of DCF Employees Should be Prioritized

(TRENTON) – Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-Burlington) issued the following statement after questioning the security decisions that led to the 2014 assault of a case worker by a client, during Wednesday’s hearing on the proposed budget for the Department of Children and Families:

“The assault on the child welfare case worker in Camden was a late wake-up call to the dangers faced by DCF employees on a daily basis. The idea that there was no security up until the incident gives me great pause for those who work and deal with a population that is often troubled.

“While I can appreciate the enhanced security measures taken since the incident, I don’t understand the decision that led to the security lapse or why we chose to privatize our security needs, instead of utilizing the human services police we had. I had hoped for better answers and better insight into why these decisions were made, but I can’t say I got much of either.

“This is not an easy job and I commend those who remain committed to their work despite the risks. I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure the safety of our DCF employees, so they can continue to serve and help people who depend on their professionalism, courage and strength.”