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Some details on the panicky ‘Statement from Acting Governor Kim Guadagno Regarding Upcoming Assembly Hearing’

While our focus is on the impact of the governor’s cuts, the governor’s office seems really obsessed these days by election year politics. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in panic mode over these budget cuts.

All taxpayers really need to know is that the governor’s office considers testimony on cuts to nursing homes, specialty care facilities and other senior citizen programs to be a waste of time, but such callousness is par for the course these days from the governor’s office and it’s let-them-eat-cake sentiment.

Yep, the budget indeed funds Senior Freeze and PAAD — thanks to Democrats.

The governor initially proposed this year cutting the Senior Freeze program by $25.2 million.

)(see page 68 of this –

The final budget increased Senior Freeze funding only after Democrats proposed it.

That’s just like last year, when the governor proposed forcing PAAD and Senior Gold beneficiaries to cover the annual deductible of $310 required by Medicare Part D. Additionally, the governor’s proposed budget last year anticipated that the co-payment under PAAD for brand name drugs would increase from $7 to $15.

It was reversed only after Democrats proposed eliminating the fee hikes.

We look forward to another sarcastic release from the administration bragging about restoring the current cuts to nursing homes and specialty care nursing facilities.