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Speaker Coughlin on FY 2021 Budget Process

In advance of Tuesday’s State Budget Address, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin today issued the following statement:

“I am looking forward to listening to the Governor’s budget address tomorrow particularly given the fact that, for the second consecutive year, revenues have outpaced projections. As is always the case, the Assembly Democratic caucus will advance proposals and work to deliver a responsible and balanced budget, which ensures the priorities of working, middle-class families are met.

“As we do each year, we will rigorously review all State programs and options to identify savings and efficiencies that will enable us to achieve a fair budget along with spending proposals and revenue sources. I am aware the Senate President has advanced proposals regarding a millionaire’s tax and an increase in the corporate business tax.

“I’m always encouraged by a spirit of cooperation between the Governor’s office and the Legislature. However, I remain cautious of increasing any broad-based taxes on an already overburdened state.”