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Speaker Coughlin on Governor’s Signing of 3-Month State Spending Extension

Work Begins Immediately on Fiscal Year 2021 Nine-Month State Budget

Governor Phil Murphy today signed legislation (A-3) to extend the State’s spending authority by three months. Speaker Craig Coughlin (D-Middlesex) issued the following statement:

“The Legislature passed a fair and responsible budget without increasing taxes.

          “Despite some painful cuts, the spending plan does fully fund social service programs for the next three months.

          “This spending plan allows essential State operations to continue and bridges the gap to the comprehensive, nine-month FY 2021 budget set to begin October 1.

          “The three-month spending plan signed into law today maintains many of the Assembly’s priorities.

          “The spending plan also frontloads substantial dollars from the Transportation Trust Fund to accelerate transportation projects to ensure we spur job growth and boost our economy.

          “Also, we were able to ensure institutions of higher education can continue operating with limited impact and minimal job loss.

          “This spending plan allows us to avoid unnecessary diversions from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and the Clean Energy Fund, both of which are dedicated to supporting critical initiatives.

          “Though more work needs to be done to modernize operations at the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, we were able to appropriate additional funds to help with Unemployment Insurance claims management to ensure eligible filers receive the benefits they need and deserve.

          “Beginning immediately, the Legislature and the Governor will work together tirelessly over the next three months to pass a difficult nine-month State budget before the September 30 deadline.”