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Speaker Coughlin, Senate President Scutari Response to State Board of Education Equity Code Vote

Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin and Senate President Nicholas Scutari issued the following statement following the New Jersey State Board of Education’s vote to approve several changes to the state’s equity code:

“It is unfortunate that the State Board of Education doesn’t coordinate with policymakers before they take actions that may affect school districts throughout our state.  We expected better communication with them.  We believe that families should have a voice in what is taught to their children, and as long as we have a say over the matter, they will continue to.  And as always, all children deserve subject matter that is age appropriate, posted clearly and transparently for families to review, and free from any politics.”

“We want to be clear.  Though the State Board of Education sets guidelines on curriculum, it is our local communities, through their elected boards of education, that decide on the final lesson plans. We are proud to have a robust local process, led by families in their districts, as such a critical part of our public education in New Jersey.”