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Speaker Coughlin Statement on Assembly Passage of Gun Safety Legislation

Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin (D-Middlesex) issued the following statement expressing commitment in the Assembly to pass the gun safety package following a vote on three of the bills during Monday’s session:

“The General Assembly was fully prepared to advance the comprehensive gun violence prevention package at today’s session. I am confident we have the votes in our Caucus to do so. Working to build consensus, we are hopeful that the Senate will join us in the fight to make New Jersey families safer by advancing this important package.

“In the interim, we are passing bills that have the support of both legislative Houses. These bills mark a notable step forward. We are balancing student mental health with preparedness should the worst-case scenario ever happen, preparation that proved life-saving for students in Oxford, Michigan earlier this month. We also took action to close loopholes that have enabled out-of-state guns to bypass our state’s strong safety protections and regulations.

“Our goal is to continue leading the nation on fair and robust common-sense gun safety laws. I intend to consider re-posting a comprehensive package in January and hope to get these to the Governor’s desk in short order. People in every New Jersey community deserve nothing less than to feel safe.

“Public safety is our top priority.”