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Speaker Coughlin Statement on the Passing of Speaker Pro Tempore Jerry Green

(TRENTON) – Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin (D-Middlesex) released the following statement Thursday on the passing of Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Jerry Green:

“I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our great friend and colleague, Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Jerry Green.
“Jerry Green was a giant of the Assembly. He loved public policy, always strove to help the least fortunate among us and took great joy in mentoring new members and staff. He was New Jersey’s leading expert on affordable housing, a problem he never stopped trying to solve.
“His keen insight and advice was sought by countless of his fellow Assembly members – with good reason. He was sharp when it came to politics and policy, a true leader and a model for all to emulate. His wit and sense of humor often helped lighten a long day, yet he took his job as serious as anyone. He never stopped trying to help others. He was tireless.
“Jerry Green was a true statesman, but also not one to back away when he had to fight for what’s right. He had everyone’s respect.
“It’s quite simply impossible to imagine the Assembly without Jerry Green. We will all miss our friend.
“On behalf of the New Jersey General Assembly, I send my thoughts and prayers to Speaker Pro Tempore Green’s family at this difficult time. We share in their mourning.”