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Speaker Coughlin Voices Support for Decisive, Common-Sense Gun Violence Prevention Measures Cleared in Committee

Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin (D-Middlesex) issued the following statement Wednesday after the Assembly Judiciary Committee advanced nine measures to enhance deterrence of gun violence:

“New Jersey continues to lead the nation on fair and robust common-sense gun safety thanks to the Governor and Legislature’s partnership that has made public safety a priority. People in every New Jersey community deserve nothing less than to feel safe. Today’s bills further our commitment.

“Holding the gun industry accountable, requiring firearm safety training, enhancing the traceability of new guns and ammunition purchases, preventing powerful guns and gear from getting into the hands of those intent on doing harm: these are decisive, common-sense actions designed to stop gun violence in its tracks.

“I will work to build consensus to advance these measures, which put us another vital next step forward in making New Jersey safer for all.” 

The nine bills advanced on Wednesday include: A-509, A-1179, A-1302, A-1765, A-4366, A-4367, A-4368, A-4369, and A-4370