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Speaker Coughlin’s COVID-19 Recovery Panel Conducts First Meeting

Economic Advisory Council Announces Mission Statement, Goals, and Sub-Committees 

The 34-member coronavirus recovery Economic Advisory Council established by Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin held its first meeting Friday. The new working panel’s mission statement is, “To provide input and ideas to the Speaker and members of the State Legislature on how to move forward on recovery from COVID-19.”

The Council also announced the following goals:

·       To provide recommendations on action’s necessary to promote recovery;

·       To identify areas where employment can be safely resumed;

·       To identify downside risks and recommendations on how to avoid them: and

·       To develop an action plan that can be used by legislative leaders

“Today’s meeting was very productive. The goals set are critical and realistic,” said Coughlin (D-Middlesex). “It’s imperative that we balance the needs of public health and the economy as prepare for New Jersey’s safe and responsible reopening. The Economic Advisory Council has been asked to help the Assembly expeditiously devise a recovery and reopening strategy. I know they are up to the task.”

The Speaker and advisory panel chairman, George Zoffinger also announced the following sub-committees:

·       Government

·       Infrastructure/ Manufacturing/ Labor

·       Banking/ Legal/ Accounting

·       Education

·       Healthcare

·       Retail/ Tourism

·       Social Services

            “Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas. The sub-committees will delve into specific sectors to enable the Council as a whole to present recommendations to the Speaker that will enable New Jersey to recover safely, successfully and swiftly,” said Zoffinger. “Speaker Coughlin has asked for innovative and workable recommendations and we will work collaboratively to deliver those suggestions as quickly as possible to best position the state for a rapid and robust economic recovery.”

            The Council’s next scheduled meeting is Friday, May 22, 2020.

            A complete list of Speaker Coughlin’s Economic Advisory Council members is attached.