(TRENTON) – Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver (D-Essex/Passaic) released the following statement on Monday amid speculation an agreement is near on Atlantic City’s future:

“Amid much speculation that an agreement is near on a plan for Atlantic City’s future, I am making it very clear that much work remains to properly examine all facets of New Jersey’s sports, gaming and entertainment industries.
“The future of Atlantic City and gaming is an important issue for New Jersey, and one that requires study and input from everyone involved. The governor and the Senate president will obviously have prominent roles in the outcome, but they are not the deciding factors and we still have many voices to hear, including those from the Monmouth County area and northern New Jersey.
“Assembly members have many of their own ideas on the future of gaming in our state, and I have no intention of deciding the proposed state takeover of Atlantic City without those ideas being discussed and all parts fitting into place.
“These include the future of the Meadowlands; Monmouth Park; public testimony from Jon Hanson, who chaired the panel that authored the governor’s gaming report; and details on how the report was compiled, since it was done outside of open meetings and records laws.
“After all, having an open debate is one of main reasons for the series of gaming summits being held publicly by Democrats, and I look forward to that debate continuing until everything fits together.”