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Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver (D-Essex) released the following statement today after Governor Christie quashed the ARC trans-Hudson tunnel project for the second time:

“The Governor has displayed a dangerously obstinate and short-sighted point of view when it comes to this project.

“He has ignored the impact this new tunnel would have on the people of New Jersey in terms of our long-term economic prosperity and the jobs it would create, the congestion it would alleviate, and the property values it would boost.

“He has stubbornly shot down each and every financing option the federal government offered, instead of displaying leadership and creative ingenuity by considering how all of these options might work together.

“Now we are left holding the tab for the remnants of a project that the Governor has let die. This is a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars since the Governor himself admitted today that he has no idea if there will be any use for the work that has already been completed.

“In the end it is our residents that are losing out because of this short-sightedness.”