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Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver (D-Essex/Passaic) released the following statement on Sunday:

“I want to thank each and every single public safety and emergency management official, volunteer and charitable organization who showed true dedication over the last few days to make sure New Jerseyans would be safe from the storm. Their devotion to duty and willingness to put themselves in harm’s way is remarkable. Their expertise and compassion is priceless.

“We can find no better example of that dedication than the firefighter from Princeton who risked his life to help others. The New Jersey General Assembly sends its prayers to his family and friends for his recovery, and our thoughts are also with the young woman lost to the storm. Our prayers are with her family and friends for their tragic loss.

“I also want to thank everyone for their great cooperation in responding to the storm and the evacuations. I urge everyone to continue their great cooperation with the efforts of emergency management officials working to assess and clean up after the storm. Heed the governor’s advice to stay home and off the roads and the administration’s advice on food and water safety. We still have treacherous flooding conditions throughout the state and danger from falling trees, so caution is the best and safest approach that will allow us to get everything back in order as quickly as possible.”