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Speaker Prieto: Assembly Budget Plan to Fund Women’s Health Care, Provide Working Class Tax Relief, Shore Up Nursing Home and Domestic Violence Funding & Fully Fund Pension Obligation

(TRENTON) — New Jersey Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto on Thursday announced the Assembly budget plan for next fiscal year will restore money for women’s health care and shore up funding for nursing homes and domestic violence programs, while also providing tax relief for working families and fully funding the state’s pension obligation.

The plan, among other things, will also eliminate the tax break enjoyed by millionaires under Gov. Chris Christie.

“This is a budget for New Jersey’s hard-working middle-class families and their values,” said Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen). “It recognizes that women and their families require access to quality health care and that vital services such as nursing homes and domestic violence programs must be protected. It gives tax relief to those who need it most, while responsibly fulfilling our promise to teachers, police and firefighters. It’s the right and responsible thing to do.”

The plan will include $7.5 million to restore money Christie has cut from women’s health care.

It will also increase the benefit amounts under New Jersey’s earned income credit program to 25 percent of the federal earned income tax credit amounts, restoring another Christie cut and giving tax relief to working poor families.

Prieto said the plan will also shore up funding for nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and domestic violence programs, all of which have had funding difficulties under Christie.

As does the plan unveiled by the Senate, it fully funds the state’s pension obligation for next fiscal year.

“New Jersey families know the importance of having access to quality health care for women and the elderly, working class tax relief and living up to our promises,” Prieto said. “This budget lives up to their expectation. A budget is statement of priorities, and this budget plan makes clear our priorities are those of New Jersey’s middle-class and working poor.”

More details will be made available as budget hearings are scheduled in the coming days, and Prieto said he would work with the Senate to resolve differences in the plans.

“This plan meets several of New Jersey’s most vital needs,” Prieto said. “It’s the most fiscally responsibly plan we can offer amid these difficult times, and it provides tax relief and access to health care and fulfills our obligations. I look forward to working with my Democratic colleagues on these shared values.”