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Speaker Prieto Calls for TTF Summit to Resolve Unacceptable Stalemate

‘This must be resolved now. Not after Labor Day. Not after Election day. Now.’

(TRENTON) – Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Wednesday on the need for a Transportation Trust Fund Summit to resolve the ongoing stalemate:

“My frustration with this Transportation Trust Fund stalemate continues to grow, but that’s nothing compared to the economic distress out-of-work laborers, business owners and others impacted financially by this unacceptable situation are experiencing.
“This must be resolved now. Not after Labor Day. Not after Election day. Now.
“It’s clear to me at this point that the only way to move forward is for the governor and the legislative leaders from both parties to get together inside the same room and hash this out once and for all. No one is going to enjoy the solution to this crisis, but New Jersey cannot go without transportation funding. It’s not an option. It’s time for a TTF Summit.
“The Assembly acted to replenish the fund, but the sales tax cut approach agreed to by the governor, Senate president and myself failed to advance in the Senate, and the override strategy has twice brought delay and overstated vote projections. It does not appear viable. Everyone is going to have to put ego and politics aside, quit casting blame and get to work on finding a solution that can become law. I’ve shown myself to be open to compromise. Let’s get to work before the economic damage is too deep.”