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Speaker Prieto Hails Polling Showing Wide Support for His Retirement Savings Proposal

‘The Right Thing to do for New Jerseys’ Working Families;’ Thanks AARP for Continued Advocacy

(TRENTON) — Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Thursday after a poll released by the AARP found most New Jersey workers are worried about retirement but also support legislation (A-4275) he sponsored to establish the New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program, which would create a retirement savings program for private sector workers in the form of an automatic enrollment payroll deduction:

“Unfortunately, it’s not surprising to see so many New Jersey workers anxious about affording retirement, but I’m also pleased to see the wide-ranging support for my bill to promote greater retirement savings for private sector employees in a convenient, low-cost and portable manner.

“Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, independents and young and old alike support this bill. That shows this is an idea and issue that transcends partisan politics — and that this concept is something everyone should support.

“I thank the AARP for their continued advocacy. Working together, we all can advance this idea that will, in the end, help promote an environment of savings and responsibility.

“Good ideas like this are truly a win-win for employees and employers. This bill is, quite simply, common sense in this day and age – and the right thing to do for New Jersey’s working families.”