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Speaker Prieto Hails Signing of New Transportation Funding Laws

‘This will be seen as a pivotal moment, one that laid the groundwork for a better future’

(TRENTON) – Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Friday after legislation replenishing the Transportation Trust Fund was signed into law:

“With this new law, we’ve ensured a stronger New Jersey and a safer New Jersey, put laborers back to work and taken a major step toward finally bringing our state a 21st century infrastructure.
“If the Transportation Trust Fund and New Jersey were to remain viable, we were going to need a serious discussion of the needs of the program. I started that discussion in January 2014 when I became Assembly Speaker, and while it may not have been popular, it was the right thing to do. The future of our state required it. The economic well-being of our state demanded it.
“This was a difficult process, but throughout it all I kept insisting everyone get in the same room and hash out the best agreement we could at this time that would get signed into law. I’m glad to see that effort come to fruition and to see projects resume across our state, putting people back to work.
“In the end, this will be seen as a pivotal momen, one that laid the groundwork for a better future.
“I hope voters in November will now agree to my proposal to permanently dedicate all fuel tax revenue for transportation purposes. That will rightly ensure that transportation funding is handled responsibly from here on out. I’m confident the voters will see the common sense behind this idea.”