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Speaker Prieto: NJ Transit Fare Hike Plan an Affront to Working Class New Jersey

Continues Call for Sensible & Responsible Transportation Funding Plan

(TRENTON) – Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following s statement Monday on NJ Transit’s plans to increase fares and curtail services:

“To say I’m disappointed by NJ Transit would be an understatement. I’m appalled at this terrible approach to transportation policy and astonished by the lack of regard for the working people of New Jersey who rely on NJ Transit to make ends meet.
“No one should be mistaken – this fare hike would be a tax increase on working people that would fail to do anything to solve New Jersey’s long-term transportation funding crisis. It would cause pain to working class residents without providing any benefit. That’s awful public policy.
“I’ve been advocating nonstop for a sensible and responsible solution to our transportation crisis precisely so we can avoid reckless decisions such as this one by NJ Transit.
“Let’s not forget how the administration is patching together transportation funding for next fiscal year by using $241.5 million from NJ Transit, along with more borrowing that will saddle future generations with debt. How does that decision to take that money from NJ Transit impact fares and services? That’s a question that needs a clear answer.
“In April 2010 NJ Transit implemented the largest fare increase in state history. And now we have this plan. Enough is enough. The working people of New Jersey deserve better than haphazard planning built around fare hikes and service cuts.”