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Speaker Prieto Protests Republican Efforts to Strip Health Care from New Jerseyans

Speaker Decries GOP Plan to Strip Health Care & Boost Premiums for Elderly & Young – All while Giving Tax Breaks to Millionaires

(TRENTON) – Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Thursday after joining advocates at a State House rally to protest Republican plans to strip health insurance from about 500,000 New Jerseyans and charge higher premiums to the elderly and the young – all while providing tax breaks to millionaires:

“It’s frightening that Republicans are backing a plan to strip health care from about a half-million New Jerseyans and hike premiums on the elderly and young adults – all while giving tax breaks to millionaires. It’s stunning and beyond belief that President Trump and his Republican allies would push such a reckless and scary plan, but it mirrors their mean-spirited politics.
“The impact of the Republican plan will be felt throughout the state. The elderly will be hurt. Young adults will be hurt. Hospitals will be hurt. The state budget will be hurt. The state economy will be hurt.
“The only people who won’t be hurt are the millionaires who will save an extra $14 million in taxes.
“Think about that – as families lost health care and our grandparents and adult children pay more, millionaires will get a tax break. It’s inconceivable, but true.
“All of our years-long efforts to get health insurance coverage for more people – a common sense and fiscally smart effort that benefits everyone – will be erased.
“If the Affordable Care Act needs fixing, then fix it. Trumpcare is an affront to the idea that Americans take care of each other. This isn’t about politics. This is about saving lives.”