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Speaker Prieto Statement on N.J. Budget Crisis

New Jersey Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Tuesday on Gov. Christie’s plan for New Jersey’s budget crisis:

“The governor’s plan is the result of five years of budgeting decisions that left New Jersey no room to handle any revenue shortfall, let alone a crisis. Those decisions were unfortunate and irresponsible, and if wasn’t for the fiscal responsibility of Democrats, things would be even worse.

“Sadly, we have no easy solutions to the problems created under this administration. Abandoning pension payments only make things worse down the road, and that’s unfair to taxpayers who rightly deserve and expect better from someone who vowed to fix the state.

“We will review the governor’s plan and consider the next steps, but are mindful of the need to resolve this crisis. Hopefully, we can all work together and realize that this problem won’t be solved with slogans and catchphrases, but with an honest look by everyone – including the governor – at the state’s festering budget woes. Protecting millionaires while the working class pays the price for festering budget problems was never an acceptable solution. It’s finally time for the governor to understand this simple concept.”