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Speaker Prieto: Trump Drives up Costs for the Sick & Elderly

(TRENTON) – New Jersey Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Thursday on President Trump’s plan to undermine the Affordable Care Act:

“President Trump’s latest outrage once again shows he is unfit to lead this nation.
“With a stroke of a pen, President Trump has undermined the Affordable Care Act, driving up costs for the sick and elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, all while destabilizing insurance marketplaces.
“President Trump and Republicans have long been obsessed with undermining the Affordable Care Act for political purposes, but bashing the law to score points with conservative voters is one thing. Actively moving to increase premiums on older, sicker people and those with pre-existing conditions is an entirely different game. It’s twisted, hurtful and, considering the history of these so-called association health plans, likely deceitful.
“I once again call on New Jersey’s Congressional delegation to do everything it can to fight this outrage. Our Democratic senators and representatives have done a great job so far fighting for our state, but we need a total team effort without partisan politics. Protecting our most vulnerable and combating President Trump’s terrible policies and politics must be our shared priority.”