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Spencer Calls for Safer Storage & Transport of Toxic Chemicals in NJ to Prevent Potentially Dangerous Spills

(TRENTON) – Assembly Environment Chairwoman L. Grace Spencer (D-Essex) released the following statement Tuesday, calling for safer means of storage and transport of hazardous and toxic chemicals in the state, following the release of a report by the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG) concerning the risks of accidents and spills involving chemical plants and toxic materials:

“Accidental spills are occurring with more frequency throughout the state.
“According to NJPIRG’s report, there are five chemical plants in New Jersey and each one threatens the safety of more than 1 million people. This level of potential devastation warrants action.
“We must take proactive measures to help eliminate the risk of these spills and ensure the safety of our residents, especially the ones living in communities that directly surround these facilities.
“The manner in which hazardous and toxic materials are being transported and stored needs to be reviewed so as to determined if standards are being met to safe guard against these disastrous events.”