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Spencer Calls on Christie to Put Aside Theatrics & Address Local Concerns Over Barnegat Bay

Assembly Environment Committee Chair L. Grace Spencer on Thursday called on Governor Christie to put aside his theatrics while visiting Long Beach Island today and instead focus on opening a dialogue with local officials to address the environmental crisis surrounding Barnegat Bay.

“If the Governor is going to continue using taxpayer dollars to fund his traveling theater show, he should at least take the time to address one of the most pressing issues in the LBI area – the preservation of Barnegat Bay.

“As we saw in a recent Rutgers study, Barnegat Bay is at a crisis point. Hazardous runoff chemicals have taken its toll on this fragile ecosystem for decades now.

“While the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) has taken some commendable steps as of late to educate the public on the impact their activities might have on the bay, the fact remains that the Governor has stood in our way of implementing a number of measures that would help address some of the more serious threats to this waterway.

“Last year he vetoed several bills that would have helped control the flow of runoff contaminants.

“Hopefully the Governor will take an intermission during today’s theater performance to actually sit back and listen to the concerns of local officials and perhaps begin a dialogue on protecting this fragile estuary,” said Spencer (D-Essex).