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Spencer Decries Highlands Council’s Decision to Remove Long-Time Executive Director Swan

? Assembly Environment Chairwoman L. Grace Spencer (D-Essex) on Thursday decried the decision of the New Jersey Highlands Council to remove long-time Executive Director and Highlands advocate Eileen Swan, issuing the following statement:
?Even before her hiring as Executive Director, Eileen Swan has been a long-time advocate for the Highlands region. The decision to remove her from this post defies commonsense and reeks of politics.
?Throughout her tenure Eileen has been both practical and fair, fighting to preserve the sanctity of the Highlands and our drinking water while delicately balancing the need for smart development in the region.
?This is a sad day for the millions of people who rely on the Highlands for safe, clean drinking water. I only hope that Eileen will remain a vigilant advocate for the region and that her replacement will exhibit the same integrity and commitment that she has displayed over the years.?