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Spencer & Pintor Marin Statement on Reappointment of Cami Anderson as Newark Schools Chief

Assemblywomen L. Grace Spencer and Eliana Pintor Marin released the following statement Thursday upon news that the Christie administration has renewed the contract for embattled, state-appointed Newark Schools Superintendent Cami Anderson.

“It has come to our attention that the state Department of Education has decided to renew Cami Anderson’s superintendent contract for another year.

“While we recognize that this is ultimately the Governor’s decision, we are disappointed that community voices and the concerns that have been raised were not heard. Together with the community we believe that it was time for new leadership in the school district.

“The interaction with Superintendent Anderson at the last meeting of the Joint Committee on the Public Schools was demonstrative of the concerns that have gripped the district since she took over. The community looks to us to represent their needs, which makes it all the more unfortunate that this contract was renewed despite the fact that members of the committee were met with little to no answers on many pressing questions, showing a continued unwillingness on her part to work with parents, elected officials and stakeholders.

“It’s important that the residents of Newark have input and confidence in the people charged with overseeing the education of their children, something that has been lacking to date. Although we don’t agree with this decision, we hope that the superintendent will finally make the effort to address the concerns that have been raised by so many,” said Spencer and Pintor Marin.