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Statement from Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald on Governor Murphy’s Budget Address

“I’m encouraged by Governor Murphy’s proposed budget, which includes continued investment in record property tax relief for seniors and working families, expanded healthcare coverage for our children, protections for women’s reproductive health, and lower prescription drug costs for seniors. 

“Culminating a seven-year journey to correct disparities in educational support for our school districts, for the first time ever, we are on track to fully fund the school funding formula—ensuring students across the state have equal access to the best schools in the nation.

“While some claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility, we’ve received more credit upgrades in the past three years than the State has had in the prior 30. These upgrades are the result of fiscal responsibility and promises kept in paying our bills and fully funding our schools and pension system. Together, we’re ensuring that future generations are not saddled with the poor decisions of the past and are instead set up for success long into the future.”