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Statement from Deputy Speaker John S. Wisniewski on Governor Christie’s Veto of A-1578, the "Truck Operator Independent Contractor Act"

SAYREVILLE, NJ – Deputy Speaker John S. Wisniewski issued the following statement in response to Governor Christie’s veto of Wisniewski’s bill, A1578, the “Truck Operator Independent Contractor Act.”

“Governor Christie’s veto of the Truck Operator Independent Contractor Act, legislation I sponsored to protect truck drivers who are incorrectly treated as contractors rather than employees, is just the latest example of the Governor siding against hard working New Jerseyans. His veto keeps in place a system that is unfair to workers and unfair to those companies that play by the rules.

“Because of the Governor’s veto, unethical companies will continue to skirt the law by gaming the system to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. In doing so, they will also continue to deprive their drivers of Social Security, Medicare, Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment benefits.

“A1578 would have addressed these inequities. Unfortunately, with his veto, Governor Christie has sent a clear message that instead of protecting these workers and companies that play by the rules, he would rather protect the status quo.”