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Statement from Deputy Speaker Wisniewski

(TRENTON) – Assembly Deputy Speaker John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), chairman of the Assembly transportation committee, released the following statement on Thursday:

“Mr. Wildstein’s performance before the committee today was perplexing and disappointing. He left the committee no choice but to find him in contempt. It’s our intention to refer the contempt charge to a county prosecutor’s office in the coming days. More details on that will be announced.
“It’s hard to understand how testifying to employment history, dates and communication formats require Mr. Wildstein to protect himself against self-incrimination.
“It makes one wonder what exactly he doesn’t want to discuss, and it raises even more questions about what happened with these lane closings when it comes to finding out who knew what and when.
“We intend to continue our investigation, but this would all be made easier if Gov. Christie did the right thing and voluntarily released all communications so everyone could find out with certainty what happened. If he’s truly dedicated to transparency and the truth from here on out, he will take this step and cooperate fully with the committee’s work.”