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Statement from the Leadership of the New Jersey Legislature

We have listened to the public debate surrounding ballot design in New Jersey, read the letter from the Attorney General of March 17th, and have seen reports of the hearing in the United States District Court on Monday, March 18th. We have previously understood New Jersey’s ballot design law to be one that has withstood scrutiny from the New Jersey Supreme Court and has been in place for at least 80 years.

As many involved in the legal process have pointed out, there is longstanding precedent that the Legislature has the authority to determine the law regarding ballot design and the appropriate discretion used by county clerks. Accordingly, the proper authority to consider modifications is the Legislature. 

As leaders, we have a demonstrated record of working in a bipartisan way on issues regarding voting rights and the transparency of counting ballots, and we are prepared to work in a bipartisan manner to ensure public trust in a transparent and democratic process in New Jersey. 

We are committed to beginning a public process on ballot design in New Jersey, including a thorough and thoughtful review of other states, as well as a process that involves input from the public.

Senate President Nicholas Scutari 
Senate Minority Leader Anthony Bucco
Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin
Assembly Minority Leader John DiMaio