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Stender Urges Christie to Put Policy Before Politics When Visiting Scotch Plains Today

Assemblywoman Calls on Governor to Sign Legislation That Would Allow Scotch Plains Child and Many Others to Get Relief through NJ’s Medical Marijuana Program

Assemblywoman Linda Stender on Wednesday called on Gov. Christie to put policy before politics during his visit to Scotch Plains today by taking the time to meet with the family of two-year old Vivian Wilson who is suffering from Dravet syndrome, a severe and rare form of epilepsy that anti-seizure medicine does not control.

Stender noted that Vivian’s family, along with many others, have been trying to meet with Christie to urge him to sign legislation Stender sponsored that would allow their daughter to access New Jersey’s medical marijuana program to provide relief for the debilitating condition she suffers from. To date, the families have not received a response from Christie who is traveling to Scotch Plains today for a campaign-related event.

“I don’t blame these families for being hurt and offended that the Governor would take the time to come here for a political event when they cannot get a response from him on this critical policy issue affecting their children.

“This legislation has been sitting on his desk for over 50 days while these families plead for relief for their children, not knowing whether he’ll even sign the bill or not.

“I urge the Governor to make time during his visit to not only meet with these families, but to put his signature on this crucial legislation,” said Stender (D-Middlesex/Somerset/Union).

Stender’s bill (A-4241) would require that minors be subject to the same requirements as adults to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program. The measure is intended to remove barriers to treatment faced by children such as Vivian who had her first seizure at two months old. The legislation has been sitting on Christie’s desk since June 24 when the Assembly granted final legislative approval.