Sumter Offers Condolence to Workers, Community after Marcal Fire

(TRENTON) – Majority Conference Leader Shavonda Sumter (D-Bergen, Passaic) extended her condolences and expressed her heartbreak in light of the devastating fire destroying a beloved North Jersey landmark:

“I watched with sorrow, as did many others last night, the blazing inferno that was Marcal, an anchor in our community and a way of earning a living for over 500 people.

“We all will remember the sign, the glowing symbol of the Marcal Plant seen from many angles, many homes along Route 80. I had the pleasure of participating in the ceremony reopening the plant a few years ago and pulling the lever that turned on the iconic Marcal symbol.

“Thank you to the over 100 firefighters and first responders whose heroism last night protected the greater community and took control of the fire. My prayers are with Marcal owners and employees and their families on their loss during this time. I am making my district office and staff available in the coming days to those who need assistance or help connecting to resources.”