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Swain & Tully on Negative Impact of Trump’s Budget Proposal on Local Communities

In response to President Trump’s 2021 budget proposal calling for the elimination of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and cuts to Amtrak funding that will affect the Northeast Corridor, Assemblywoman Lisa Swain and Assemblyman Chris Tully (both D-Bergen, Passaic) released the following joint statement:

“The President’s budget disregards the importance of programs that promote the functionality and prosperity of our communities. If his proposal is approved, these budget cuts would prove highly detrimental to New Jersey residents.

“Our constituents who use public transit would find their commute that much harder due to cuts in transportation spending. The Northeast Corridor is too crowded, and limiting its funding would only make it more difficult to keep things running smoothly.

“Our state also relies heavily on CDBG funds for important services in our district such as Meals on Wheels – which provides hot meals for seniors – and The Boys and Girls Clubs, which provide a nurturing environment for local children.

“Ending this program would make it much more difficult for our communities to provide the most vulnerable among us with the support they need. It would also take away from a town’s ability to reduce its residents’ tax burden if municipalities can no longer supplement their budgets with CDBG funding for infrastructure projects.

“It is undeniable that there will be a significant, negative impact on our communities if these proposed cuts are approved.”