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Taliaferro, Mazzeo & Wilson Measures to Promote Foods Made in New Jersey Gain Assembly Approval

Two bills Assembly Democrats Adam Taliaferro, Vince Mazzeo and Whip Wilson sponsored to promote via marketing campaigns foods made in New Jersey received unanimous approval from the Assembly on Thursday.

“New Jersey is an agricultural powerhouse, and in large part, our identity lies in upholding that status,” said Taliaferro (D-Cumberland/Salem/Gloucester). “Taking into account the concerns of the state’s farming community, these bills will help our state better promote quality goods.”

The first bill (A-4381), in a manner similar to the Jersey Fresh program, would establish the “Jersey Canned Goods Program” in the Department of Agriculture. The department would adopt regulations to promote the sale of canned goods containing foods made in New Jersey and create a labeling program to identify canned goods containing New Jersey agricultural commodities.

Likewise, the second bill (A-4382), would establish the “Jersey Frozen Foods Program” in the Department of Agriculture.

“As a grocer, I have seen first-hand the impact promoting fresh, locally-grown products has on customers. Residents of New Jersey simply appreciate the opportunity to support the local economy,” said Mazzeo (D-Atlantic). “These measures will help lift New Jersey’s overall economic outlook by promoting the local products consumers desire.”

“New Jersey’s reputation as the Garden State stems from the volume of high-quality produce grown on thousands of farms across our state,” said Wilson (D-Camden/Gloucester). “The food that comes from New Jersey is a point of pride, and this legislation will help ensure that consumers know how hard New Jersey farmers work and recognize how much this state has to offer.”

The bills now await Senate consideration.