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5th District Legislators Applaud Action on Urban Hope Act

(CAMDEN) – Senator Donald Norcross, and Assemblymen Angel Fuentes and Gilbert “Whip” Wilson (D-Camden/Gloucester) have issued the following statement upon the adoption of a Request for Proposal (RFP) document by the Camden City Board of Education for the construction of new public schools under the Urban Hope Act. The Board has begun seeking proposals from non-profit entities to build and operate “renaissance schools.”

“The Urban Hope Act is a promise to our students that their education, their future, is of the highest priority,” said Senator Norcross. “Camden’s children have been forced to accept a sub-standard education for too long. Our facilities continue to deteriorate with no forthcoming start date to relieve the situation. This action has created the opportunity to begin building new and innovative public schools.”

“I commend the School Board, the City and the State for moving to implement the Urban Hope Act,” said Assemblyman Fuentes. “We must keep this momentum going to fulfill the overwhelming need for greater educational prospects in Camden.”

“The Urban Hope Act allows our state to change the face of education by creating a new type of school,” added Assemblyman Wilson. “Today the Board of Education has taken an important step toward these schools becoming a reality.”

Senator Norcross and Assemblymen Fuentes and Wilson were prime sponsors of the Urban Hope Act. Up to four new public schools may be built within the City of Camden under the bill, which was signed into law in January.