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THURSDAY ADVISORY: Zwicker to Hold Small Business Roundtable

Discussion to Follow Tour of Two Facilities

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker will meet with members of the small business community Thursday in Princeton Junction for a roundtable discussion on ways to strengthen New Jersey’s economy.

Zwicker will tour facilities and meet with employees at 3DMonstr, a start-up company developing and using the latest three-dimensional printing technologies for manufacturing, and Leigh Visual Imaging, a longtime industry leader in conventional imaging and printing.

The roundtable discussion, during which Zwicker will join 3DMonstr CEO Ben Reytblat and Leigh Imaging president Peter J. Dawson, will focus on how New Jersey can attract and grow innovative companies to create jobs.

The tour will begin at 1:30 p.m. at 3DMonstr, located at 45 Everett Drive, Suite 130, Princeton Junction, NJ. The second stop will be Leigh Imaging, 45 Everett Drive, Suite 100, Princeton Junction, NJ. The roundtable will begin at Leigh Imaging immediately after the tour.

All interested in attending or seeking additional information may contact Joe Forte at 732-713-3716 or